Winter Solstice

The fall harvests have past
With them brought abundance to hold us through the cold
The crisp winds have blown in
The leaves have changed and fallen

The earth has pulled itself inward
We honored our ancestors at Samhain
By remembering and giving thanks

The flowers are beneath
The animals sleep
The turn of the wheel is upon us

Winter solstice
the shortest day
the longest night
and the beginning of the return of the sun

The beginning of things that are new for the earth and for all of us
Now is your chance to choose
Will you continue going
Or will you look inward and rest

Tonight’s journey is one step in that choice

Remember outer work is a small struggle
Inward work challenges the strongest
It opens you at the core

The demands of the outside have simple answers
The demands of the inner self are more complex
The physical journey reminds us of our strength
The power within is immense
We can conquer anything

The time together is ending so soon
The journey has only started
You must go now forward alone

The tools have been given
The paths have been laid
Will you continue?

The possibilities are endless
Hold that strength
And that inner work will expand

Winter Solstice
Brings light to the dark
A simmering of warmth
To the earth & to us

Leave behind what is done
Welcome the warmth of the new

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