Life Updates!

10168193_10153135718524073_6131315805383737258_nIt has been sometime since I posted. I’m happy to say that I made it through this harsh cold winter. I realize this was a difficult season for many but as the snowstorms continued I realized how having a disability affected my ability to go out. I found myself staying at home. I was extremely thankful that my job continued to cancel work because of the harsh conditions outside. Even after the storm stopped going outside was a concern.This winter definitely tested my limits and had me asking for help. As they get older I have learned that asking for help is okay. So as this winter was difficult the early winter brought the publishing of my book and the end of winter brought my engagement!

The spring is bringing lots of wonderful fun energy to my life. I attended my first archery class and am looking into waterskiing. On the professional side book sales are soaring! I just did a relaunch of my website if you haven’t seen it already please take a look.


That is all for now.

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