Life has changed!

PSI’ve not done much blogging over the last few years as my life has been a bit of a roller coaster. Since marrying my husband in 2015 we’ve been trying to have a child. Well this dream has come true and I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant! However, it has been probably the most difficult experience in my life to date. The difficulty has occurred because of my disability and the ignorance the medical world has with disability.

I’ve been to countless doctors and had way too many tests. I’ve had clinics turn me away because of my low platelet count six months after I had told them about about my disability. I’ve had cardiologist tell me one thing and give a completely different message to my OB/GYN. I’ve also had labs tell me they could not do a blood draw for me because I don’t have arms and they can’t do out of my leg. That is just some of the medical ignorance that I’ve dealt with while trying to get pregnant.

Since getting pregnant my age and my disability have created some challenges with doctors. I’ve learned that local hospitals do not have platelets on hand. My doctors have been very concerned about my platelet condition. So I’m required to have my baby in Boston in order to be able to have platelets if I need them. I’ve come close to needing a platelet transfusion two already because of getting two colds this year but luckily  my platelet came back up. I still need to meet with anesthesiology to figure out IV access, medication and anything else that you usually put in a person’s arm during delivery.

Our little girl is doing great! She’s growing as expected and the doctors do not have any concerns about her. Every morning I wake up to my husband snuggling next to me putting his hand on my tummy. He waits for her to move. If he doesn’t feel her, she gets a few pokes to get her wiggling. Each time I get overwhelmed by the medical stuff I try to sit back and focus on her.

I’m so excited for this adventure that we are starting a couple and scared out of my mind. We’re about to be responsible for a little tiny human. It’s a bit mind blowing. I will also be a mom with a physical disability and there will be challenges to that.  But just like everything else I have ever done in my life I know I’ll be good at this one.  I have an amazing supportive husband right next to me.

4 thoughts on “Life has changed!

  1. congratulations! can’t wait to come back here to check up on you 3! and I’m sorry the medical world / and their not taking the time to research it, isn’t up to what it should and could be. way to advocate for you and your baby!

  2. Sheila!! Congrats!! I am so happy for you. You never cease to amaze me with your ambition. I am so sorry you have endured so much trouble on the medical end. I can’t wait to read/see baby stories and pics..

  3. The many challenges you have faced and successfully managed make the rest of us look very weak indeed. That husband of yours has the biggest love I’ve ever seen up close. Sending energy that from here on this birthing thing will be smooth sailing, with understanding, compassionate and loving medical personnel, so you can get on with the sweetness of bonding, and challenges of mommying … and letting daddy dote on her with diaper changes! ❤

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