Child Car Seats & their Inaccessibility

I just spent the last few weeks researching in detail car seats for my 7 month old. Yes, you may say this is normal thing to do. However, my research is different then the average mom. I have no arms but have hands attached to my shoulders. My hand strength is one of a twelve year old. I’ve spent most of my life using my feet for things that require reaching. So naturally I use my feet when caring for my daughter. The more I encounter baby products the more I find inaccessibility. The one item that stands out as the most difficult is the Car Seat!

Each time I express my concern with car seats within the disability community mothers and fathers alike tell me it by far is their biggest challenge.  This is so frustrating to hear. As parents with physical disabilities manufactures are not even thinking about us. As new parents our isolation is compounded due to our disabilities. Some would say ask for help. My answer is, “How would it feel to you if you need to ask for help to leave your house every day if that wasn’t how you usually lived your life?”

There needs to be change! Car Seat manufacture need to think about accessibility but without the added cost. I’ve had few recommendations but the cost was ridiculous. I’m told you pay for it being easier. Its not about being easier it about accessibility!  I would love the opportunity to meet with manufactures who are interested in making their products accessibility to the largest growing population in the world the disability community.

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