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US Filming (Part 3)

US Filming (Part 3)

January 27, 2012

My biggest stresses at work were resolved which made me feel much better. I even decided that that I would go to the grocery store again and get ingredients for stuffed mushrooms with yesterdays stresses gone I was happy to cook a little. Zayda came over after work and we jumped into her car to do errands. The grocery store and then the liquor store then home. They filmed us bringing everything into the house and then organizing it. I did not want to change until I was done cooking and cleaning up. Zayda and I made up up stuff mushrooms real fast and then reorganized the house for guests. Then I changed and Zayda did my hair and makeup for the party. People arrived around eight even though I planned for seven. I explained to the Momo that my friends were arriving a little later that seemed to calm them. There were about seven of us that night and we had lots of fun. There was dancing, music and I played my digerdo. It was all very unplanned which was perfect. There were a few weird or uncomfortable moments like trying to get drumming to happen with a group that did not drum. A few people had interviewing happen without notice which was a little sudden but they were ok with it. We also played games jester and twister. It was lots of fun.

January 28, 2012

Today was the Lego Store this was a visit long planned for my nephew. Now the whole family was coming. This was an event I told them would not change or be cancelled for the other day they were not sure if we could film. I meet everyone at the at the Lego store around eleven. Momo had meet some of the family but not everyone. Then we just enjoyed ourselves. I hangout with the family as usually and just tried to forget about the filming. They me and the family all interacting. Then there were the random questions about my childhood toys. The question seem out of context to me and the family but maybe not to the filming people. At the end we all went down the escalator together which was very humorous. Then it was back to the house for lunch, hanging out and more formal interviews. My parents and sisters had formal interviews after lunch. My nephew and niece were asked questions about me and it was very cute. Then there filming of the family hanging out together.

I’m skipping to Monday now I spoke about my trip to the Cape on part by accident when it actual happen on January 29, 2012.

January 30, 2012

Today we went to visit Shriners Hospital for Children in Springfield Ma. This is where I receive most of my medical care as a child. I was able to get a hold of a friend at the hospital and she helped plan things out. We did a tour of the hospital and did interviews with Maureen a physical therapist who use to work with me as a child. It was interesting to hear stories from her about my childhood. I was also give video footage of me taken at the hospital when a was young. Later in the day we had a chance to go in back room to where all the braces are made. I had not been back there in a long time. Last there was a short interview with the chief of surgery. Dr. D spoke of my care at Shriners through the years.

When we got home we spent sometime filming me getting ready to pack for
Korea and talked about what might be happening when I went to

January 31, 2012

Last day of filming in the US was today. Today we had a visit to the District Attorney’s Office planned. Since a big theme of the documentary was about bullying it fit well to talk with the D.A. Office about their bullying program. Ruth went over the bullying program with me and then there was a short interview with her. Then Cheryl Watson was interviewed the chief of victim services a woman I had worked with closely over the last few years. After the visit to the D.A. Office there was a little bit of filming done driving back to my office and then they were done. The US filming was complete!
Overall thoughts

Looking back on the experience I’m glad I did it and I think the over message was great. The whole experience was not easy. I had two or three people with me every day for fourteen days. No it was not every moment of the day but when they were not there I knew we had filming to do soon. They also wanted to be able to film as many parts of my life as possible in two weeks. That meant I needed to plan things and see if friends and/or family were available to be filmed. I also was in the middle of planning the volunteer training at work and had never done that before and was under a lot of stress. Then I needed to have everything in place at work so I could leave and go to South Korea for five days. It was a tough schedule and I was always worrying how my friends and family were about the interviews and the random camera in their faces as we were doing an activity. They were at Tae Kwon Do about five different times and I did not want the filming to have a negative effect on the other students. Then my usually stress relief at Tae Kwon Do was not happening because I had to be on point for camera. It was a lot and I’m glad I did it. Next my trip to South Korea.