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Speaking Journey

Almost two years ago I embraced a path toward motivational speaking. Looking back I feel that I have come a long way in a short time. I told myself that I was going to enjoy this ride for as long as it lasted. Then I decided I wanted all of this to last because it was an amazing change to my life. I followed some advice from a new-found friend, Jessica Cox. We both knew each others stories from the internet and in a short time we started talking. She shared her experiences of becoming a motivational and gave me two particular pieces of advice that made a difference. One was create a website and the second figure out why you are speaking.   I have done that and more.

Today I have a website that shares my story growing up with a disability and my speaking motto The Impossible Only Takes a Little Longer. I have learned to carry my business cards with me where ever I go. Now when people contact me to speak I am able to send them a media package and have a professional conversation about my fees. My professional profile has grown leaps and bounds. I have spoken to a range of audiences locally and internationally.

Networking has become more natural to me and I have connected with some amazing people. They have shared their wisdom and opened even more opportunities for me. I have learned about marketing and what types will share my story the best.

This journey has been exciting and unexpected. As I begin my third year I have many projects in the mind. Updates to my website and other networking media are in the works. I feel that I am ready to expand to more audiences and speak more often.